Electronic Resources

Electronic Resources for Teaching, Research and Learning

Electronic Resources The University of Ilorin has subscribed to a number of electronic information resources (databases) that would enhance teaching, learning and research.

The Library provides below the site addresses, user identification and passwords for the databases the Library subscribed to. In order not to create licensing problems for the University, the University Library will be extremely grateful, if you treat the user identification and the passwords with great confidentiality. If you have problems accessing any of these databases, do not hesitate to contact the E-librarian.

Feel free to suggest to the Library any scholarly database that you find useful and is not on the University of Ilorin Subscription List. The Library is desirous of involving you in the selection of academic databases.

Multi-Discipline Databases

  • Science Direct Open Access Journals
  • Educational Ebooks
  • Open Source Educative articles
  • National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine
  • OMICS International
  • Oxford Academy Journals
  • SAGE Journals
  • Springer Open
  • Free Academic Articles on Arts, Law, Humanities, Business
  • Scientific Research Journal List
  • Discipline Specific Online Databases

    Faculty of Agriculture

  • United Nation (UN) Food and Agricultural Organization
  • Springer Link Journals
  • Faculty of Arts

  • Cornell University Collection
  • Faculty of Communication and Information Science

  • Dryad Digital Repository
  • Faculty of Education

  • Institute of Educational Science
  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology

  • National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine
  • Faculty of Law

  • Justia Dockets and Filings
  • Faculty of Management Science

  • Journals on Business Studies and Economics
  • Philosophy for Business
  • Faculty of Health Sciences

  • National Library of Medicine
  • Faculty of Physical Sciences

  • Nucleic Acids Research
  • Computer Science Bibliography
  • Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Specialized Research Networks
  • Rules, Regulation and Discipline

    The primary purpose of rules, regulations and discipline is to enable all users of the University Library to make the fullest use of the collections. Clientele are reminded that the Library rules, regulations and discipline contained in A Guide to the University of Ilorin Library document have the force of University regulations and discipline.

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