Our Vision

To be a library that ranks as one of the best globally in resource management and service delivery to local, national and international Community.

Books & Library Services

The University Library provides access to numerous online and offline resources through subscription to renowned academic databases.

Our Mission

To provide efficient framework for attaining best practices in collection development, infrastructure, resources management and service delivery to library users for teaching, learning and community service.

Smart Library

State of heart technological facilities such as Learning Commons that aids effective teaching, learning and research are provided for users.

Library Services

The University Library provides specialized online and offline services for all staff and students. We subscribed to the best of databases that provides researches with peered reviewed articles that impacts the quality of research output from the University

Electronic Databases

We leverage on technology to prepare students for life and to make a total person out of each student in the University

Certified Librarians

We have world renowned librarians whose research work traverse national and international landscape

Convenient Reading Space

The University enjoyed a lot of intervention from goverment in the building of convienent reading space

Electronic Library

We have state of the heart electronic library with high speed internet connection for access to research materials.

Rules, Regulation and Discipline

The primary purpose of rules, regulations and discipline is to enable all users of the University Library to make the fullest use of the collections. Clientele are reminded that the Library rules, regulations and discipline contained in A Guide to the University of Ilorin Library document have the force of University regulations and discipline.

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