Electronic Support Services Division

This division ensures that all manually handled library services are carried out electronically. The division oversees four Sections, namely:

Library Automation / Online Public Access Catalogue

This section ensures that bibliographic details of all library materials and information about the patrons of the Library are carefully uploaded unto the Library server by the Circulation and Technical Sections of the Library. The section handles all technical challenges that may crop up while inputting bibliographic details of the Library resources into the server; attends to challenges resulting from system upgrading and also maintains server operations. You can access the holdings of the University Library through our Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)


Online Institutional Repository

This section is responsible for creating, developing and maintaining the Institutional Repository system, which contains the intellectual properties of the University. It is an open-access system, which staff and students can access for research, teaching and learning.

Electronic Library

This section directly assists students and staff to use the computer facilities to access the Internet; provides wireless Internet services and provides access to the subscribed and free databases of the Library for their research. The section develops and implements training programmes for students and staff on the search for qualitative academic e-journals and e-books from the e-library.

Media Production Unit

This section is saddled with the responsibility of providing a wide range of recordings and production services to the University staff and students, and maintaining audio-visual equipment in all multimedia sections of the Main Library, E-Library and College of Health Sciences Library. The section is equipped with audio sets, headphones, Plasma TVs, video cameras, audio tapes and recorders, CD-ROM, VCD, and DVD production equipment. There is provision for a media room for recording at each location. Reservations for use of the media room and other specialized services requiring bookings would be available on request.

Rules, Regulation and Discipline

The primary purpose of rules, regulations and discipline is to enable all users of the University Library to make the fullest use of the collections. Clientele are reminded that the Library rules, regulations and discipline contained in A Guide to the University of Ilorin Library document have the force of University regulations and discipline.

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